My favourite hydrating products

Although we’re really close to march, the weather is tricky these days. When it seems like spring, suddenly a snowfall comes and it’s winter again. That’s why I decided to share with you my favourite products that saved my skin during winter season.

My first favourite product is for the lips. Aloe Lips is one of the most famous goods of Forever Living Products. I apply it a couple of times throughout the day, but it can reach the most magnificent results during the night. If I use it in the evening when I wake up my lips are beautiful and soft and it lasts all day. It’s on the pricier side, but it definitely worth it. I use this product for years and I really like it. You can find the product here. If you’re not from Germany place your order by

The next item I bought in Tihany is a body butter, but mostly I use it on my hands. This product is the Yamuna Hungarian naturcosmetics’ grape seed oil body butter. It’s a great moisturizer and the scent… it’s just amazing, I wish I could show it to you with the picture.

The last product, Neutrogena’s handcream (mine in the christmas packaging) is more well-known than the first two. It’s available in drugstores and many shops. If my hands are really dry and nothing helps I use this product and it always makes my skin moisturized. At first it seems like the skin won’t absorbe is but the process is relatively fast.

I hope I could help a little with this post to beat the winter.

// Kamilla

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