3 style tips // international women’s day photoshoot

In today’s post I’m bringing you something new, but I’d like to do it regulary. I’d like to share with you 3 style tips that may help you out in those I-have-nothing-to-wear mornings. I know this post won’t be up on the blog on 8th March but the photos were taken that day so I’d like to wish every beautiful girl happy international women’s day! Don’t forget that you are amazing and unique, so be proud of it!

If we want it or not our appearance can really affect the way people think about us. Our style, our look can be part of our self-expression. For instance I like minimal style, the business look and to mix sporty and elegant pieces. In my opinion it’s important to find our signature style, but I could write another blog post about it.

My first tip is perfect for the transitional time. When thinking about styling, my favourite seasons are spring and autumn because layering is one of the best and easiest ways to put together an outfit.

A statement coat can really make an outfit. In my case this white-blue coat is kind of bold, but not too much. The huge collar makes it more unique, too. This is a piece I bought few years ago from Bershka, I think you can’t find it anymore in the stores, but that’s not the point. You should find a coat that fits into your style, leopard or flower print can be great, too.

coat: Bershka

The best thing about this one is that the coat makes the outfit and you have to plan your whole look around just one item which makes the morning preparation so much easier and quicker.

This leads to my next tip which is all about basics. My wardrobe is full of monochromatic tops and pants. From these it’s easier to make an outfit because you can add a statement clothing piece or accessory and it makes the outfit like with the coat in the first tip.

top: H&M

jeans: H&M

My last tip is about white shoes or sneakers. Everybody has a black (or brown) pair of shoes thinking that it’ll match every outfit. I was like this, too, until last summer when I decided to buy a pair of white sneakers. I can’t emphasize enough how much use I can get out of them. Although you have to spend a bit more time cleaning them it totally worth it because this pair makes every outfit a bit more interesting.

sneakers: H&M

I hope I could help you with these tips and you try some of them out.

photos: Gábor Uzonyi

// Kamilla

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