A chilly spring day in Szentendre // photoshoot

We planned to set up a good spring photoshoot in Szentendre with flowers, a flowy dress, in the sunshine. The plan was good, indeed, but the weather… Am I the only one who hates that one day it’s 18 degrees and the other it’s minus 1? I hope not… We were so cold, our creativity wasn’t the best but I think the photos turned out amazing and it doesn’t bother me that I couldn’t wear that spring dress because this outfit is one of my favourites and I’m excited to share it with you today.

I wore an oversized knitted sweater with these dressier pants and my all time favourite oxford shoes. I love this outfit because it’s casual but it has an elegant touch to it due to the nice trousers. Belting the pants and tucking my sweater into it defines my waist.


trousers: Promod

coat: C&A

shoes: CCC

earrings: Swarovski

scarf: H&M


photos: Gábor Uzonyi

// Kamilla

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