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In today’s blog post I’m sharing with you a recipe that is super easy to make, delicious and really healthy. Smoothie bowls are perfect for breakfast, dessert or just as a snack. For the basic recipe you’ll need only 2 ingredients, and there’s no need to add any sugar because this recipe is sweet enough on its own.

The ingredients are a banana which you have to cut into smaller pieces and freeze before using it and a tiny bit of milk. It could be cow’s milk, dairy free milk, but you can even replace it with water.

Put frozen banana pieces into the blender or food processor and add a little milk, just about a tablespoon. Start with less milk and only put more in if the mixture can’t cream up. During blending stop the machine a few times to scrape the mixture off the sides of the blender to get an even texture. After 2-3 minutes the nice cream is ready to be eaten. It has a beautiful creamy texture and the taste is just amazing.

You can add any ingredients to the basic recipe such as frozen blueberries, rasperries, strawberries, or even add unsweetened cocoa powder or matcha powder. You can also change up the toppings and make a whole new combination.

Today me and Gábor sticked to the basic banana recipe and topped our smoothies with a handful of fresh raspberries and a little bit of my homemade sugarless granola. Let me know in the comments if you want to see on the blog my granola recipe!

Other favourite of mine is banana and blueberry nice cream with orange and almonds. The blueberry and orange really compliment each other and the almonds give a nice crunch to the smoothie bowl.

In this combo I added a little unsweetened cocoa powder to the banana mixture and topped it with fresh banana, blueberries and homemade granola.

I hope you liked this post and you’ll try it out. In case you’ll share your creations on Instagram make sure to tag me so I’m able to see your smoothie bowls! 🙂 

// Kamilla


  • Sára says:

    Szia! 🙂
    Ha nem bánod, elkérhetném a granolád receptjét? Régóta keresek már egy jó és kipróbált példányt, az pedig, hogy cukormentes, csak hab a tortán!

    • kamillaeva says:

      Szia! ? konkrét mértékegységek nincsenek, csak zabpelyhet, különféle magvakat, egy kevés kókuszolajat és juharszirupot pirítottam meg 200 fokon, utána pedig hozzáadtam vörösáfonyát és mazsolát 🙂

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