Picnic and photoshoot at Buda Arboretum – program idea


Me and Gábor spent Sunday afternoon in Buda Arboretum. It’s incredible that a peaceful garden like this exists in the middle of the city where you can forget everyday problems. There are many benches surrounded by bushes and trees but we found a little shady meadow and ate our lunch there. As the weather becomes warmer a picnic is a perfect program idea. We had quite simple food with us, sandwiches and some pastry I made: mini chocolate croissants and pizza puffs. After lunch we walked through the arboretum and took some photos as well, I’m sharing with you some of them.

Unfortunately at the weekend only half of the arboretum is open so the other half we will visit on a weekday. I’m planning to write another blog post about that day, too.

Pictures are taken by me, the photos of me are taken by Gábor.

// Kamilla

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