My favourite spring hairstyle trends

In today’s blog post I’m sharing with you two hairstyle trends that really have my heart. I like wearing them all year round but in my opinion they are especially perfect for spring.

For the first look you’ll need a neck scarf. It could be any type but I chose this beautiful flowery one from H&M which matches most of my outfits. You can wear this so many ways, I wore it just around my neck, too, but if I tie my hair with it that’s the really special way to wear it. I can imagine tying it around a bun of with a nice braid. If you want a second part of this topic leave a comment!

For the second hairstyle you’ll need a velvet ribbon. I chose a black one because I wanted to tie it as a bow under the collar of a white blouse. I like to wear it this way but in my hair as well, especially because my hair is blond and it looks good in contrast with the black ribbon. This ribbon could also look good with a half up- half down style.

These two hairstyles (along with some variations) I’ll definitely wear a lot during spring/summer season and I encourage you to try them out!

Photos: Gábor Uzonyi

// Kamilla

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