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Hello everyone!

I decided to start an Instagram series here on my blog to show you some of my latest photos.

Instagram is my favourite from all the social media platforms because I can be really creative with my theme and my photos. I also like about Ig that it’s full of memories which are reminders of my best moments. I spend a lot of time planning out my photos and theme and also with editing to archieve the perfect look for me. In February 2017 I started my white theme which contains photos with white background usually in minimalistic style. I’m maintaining this theme ever since the beginning and I really think that this theme is perfect for me. Some of you may think that it’s wasting time or useless to maintain and Instagram theme but I’m really enjoying it, this became kind of like a hobby for me and I’ve got a lot of positive feedback, too.

This spring I changed my theme to a very flowery one which I really like and I think my followers, too. I’d like to show you some of these pictures.

Click here for my Instagram account.


// Kamilla

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