DIY rose bathbomb

I made a poll on Instagram asking you if you wanted me to write a blog post about my DIY bathbomb and many of you voted yes, so here it is.

It is really important for both the body and the soul to rest and regenerate, one of my favourite ways to do this is relaxing in a bathtub, reading or just thinking about life. I love to spice up my bathing time with bathbombs or flower petals. I also put a big glass of fresh water and some fruit next to the bathtub.

The reasons why I love this bathbomb is because the ingredients are cheap and it can be easily personalised with different kinds of essential oils, oils and even colours. After the bath my skin is so smooth thanks tot he oils I put in the bathbomb. It is also perfect as a gift, on Christmas 2017 I gave it to many family members and friends along with a box of bonbons made also by me.

My favourite variation is with rose essential oil and dried rose petals.

Ingredients for approx. 3-4 bathbombs:

– 200 g sodium bicarbonate

– 100 g citric acid

– 150 g starch (I used cornstarch)

– 1 ek coconut oil

– 1 ek cocoa butter

– 20 drops rose essential oil

– a few drops of water if needed

– plastic molds for the bathbomb (you can find them in any craftstore as Christmas tree ornaments)

Combine ingredients to get a slightly sticky texture. If it’s too dry and won’t stick together put in a few drops of water. With the help of the plastic molds form ball shapes.

This works perfectly in the water, it’s bubbly, the whole bathroom smells like rose and your skin will be definitely thankful for the oil treatment 🙂

I hope you liked this post, have a really nice relaxing time!

// Kamilla








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