I'm engaged

Nineteenth of june two thousand and eighteen.

In this blog post I won’t write about the proposal. It was so beautiful and personal, I want to keep it for us. On the other hand I’d like to write about how it feels being a bride at the age of 19, because I’m turning 20 just in September. Many people are wondering why I chose this. After all I’m still young, why do I want to be married?

The truth is for many years other people’s opinions were so important to me. Of course some are still important, but not like 4-5 years ago. That Kamilla wouldn’t dare to tell people she is just 19 and engaged. I know for many of you it is really strange, especially for those who are around the same age as I am. One day when I was having a conversation with a couple of friends we were talking about whether we would immediately say yes if our boyfriends would ask us to marry them. One of my friends said definitely not, the other who is in a relationship for several years said she would need to really think about the answer. This was very strange for me, being together with someone for ages and not wanting anything serious from them. I’m aware that this is a habit nowadays but still. This is my first serious relationship and I’m really glad that I didn’t start it broken and with inhibitions after 10 other relationships.

Of course it depends on our upbringing and religious view, but we started this relationship as a long term one. Dating and getting to know eachother before the relationship is exactly for seeing whether you could love the person or not. We also talked really much before deciding to be more serious than friends.

The other thing I really don’t understand is everybody are asking why we’re not living together already. Aren’t we afraid that after the wedding it will turn out that we can’t live together? What a stupid question. Would we get divorced because Gábor won’t match his socks or I spend hours getting ready in the morning? Living together is a learning process even if we are married or not. With the engagement we expressed our intention to spend our lives together. People don’t just decide to get engaged tomorrow. It comes with love. We will do anything to make this relationship and marriage work.

If you really are with the one you won’t think about the answer when he proposes, you just say yes. You don’t want to wait with marriage just because you are ‘too young’ or others will judge you. The best thing is to get to that point when you feel happy and grateful because you get to spend your life with your love.

I wish you will experience this one day!

And last but not least have a look at our engagement photos ?

Photos were taken by Dávid Jámbor.


// Kamilla

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